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How To Recover Your Lost data On andriod phones

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Time is always essential: don’t save or switch off anything else on your device. First, check your backups (such as those made by Google automatically) to see if your personal data has been lost. If not, it’s time to get to work, and quickly. Turn off your internet connection so that there are no automatic updates before you have had the opportunity to recover your lost data.

Easy Steps:

A PC program is your best bet to recover deleted files that were saved on a microSD card. There are many of them online and your success varies. We recommend Recuva ‘s try. Many users report recovering their files successfully and we have also been able to get the five photos we have deleted for our test. The software is easy to use and offers a free version.


Connect your microSD card to your computer or laptop first. To do so, you may need an SD microSD adapter. Next, Recuva open. The program has a rather self-explanatory wizard interface. First, you will be asked what kind of file you are trying to recover-photos, videos, text files, etc. If you are using the professional version, you can also create and recover a disk image first. Next, you’ll be asked where the lost data should be looked for. Simply select and start the process from your microSD. If or when the program finds your files, check first whether they can be used on your PC, as they can get corrupt!

However, we should note that Recuva can not normally detect Android smartphones as removable drives. It is therefore unlikely that you will use this software to restore deleted files from the internal memory of your device. However, there is still hope if your phone is rooted. You can install a mass storage enabler application in that case. Recuva can detect and scan your phone after it has been enabled.

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